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WHY APARTMENT LIVING IS FITTING FOR FALL Gorgeous Loft View at Hidden Ponds Apartments in Pewaukee Your windows are cracked open, the crisp scent of fall air breezes throughout your apartment, and the only things on your agenda are getting chili started in the crockpot, watching football, and enjoying pumpkin flavored everything. Southeastern Wisconsin is the one of the most …

A Waukesha Weekend Tradition!

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Haven’t you heard? Waukesha has a wonderful weekend tradition, and after dusting off the tables, tents and lettuce greens, its back for another season! Held in Historic Downtown Waukesha, right along the Fox River, you’ll enjoy tons of Wisconsin vendors from 8:00am-1:00pm every Saturday now through October. Bring the family and head out rain or shine! For more details, follow the link below. http://www.waukeshafarmersmarket.com

3 Steps to Declutter your Apartment for Spring

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Does the sight of your cluttered closets or disorganized pantry give you the urge to kick back and watch every show on your DVR list, much like Joey and Chandler from Friends? Don’t get overwhelmed, conquer that mess and create an inviting living space with Morgenson’s 3 Steps to Declutter your Apartment for Spring! 1. SET GOALS Winter in South Eastern Wisconsin makes tossing …

Three Tips to Find a Great Apartment Roommate

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If you are focused on saving money on living expenses in the Sussex area, you are not alone. Many budget-minded residents have a strong desire to keep their housing costs low. While there are some affordable rental rates on some homes in the local community, many are opting to enjoy great rental rates as well as access to various amenities …

Four Essential Tips on How to Be a Good Neighbor

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Virtually everyone knows that in order to experience great Hartland apartment living, your rental needs to be clean, organized, and well decorated. However, many people don’t stop to consider that before moving into their new place, the neighbors they’ll be living next to are every bit as important to also consider as well as the actual living experience itself. Overall, …

How to Meet People in Your New Neighborhood

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Whether you just recently moved into your dream home in the suburbs or into one of the many available Waukesha apartments in the area, meeting your new neighbors is a great way to help you feel welcome and more at home in your new surroundings. Make yourself available to meet new and interesting people. Take advantage of different neighborhood gatherings. …

6 Vital Things to Ask a Potential Roommate

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Before you have a potential roommate sign the lease, be prepared to ask them a number of questions, some of which may be rather personal. Leaving the comfort of your parent’s home is new and exciting, but choosing the wrong roommate can sour the deal real quick. Here are six critical questions to ask the girl (or guy) you’re considering …

Living With an Apartment Roommate: What You Need to Know

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People choose to live with roommates for a number of reasons. At times, the motivation is purely economic. You want to live in a certain part of town, but can’t afford the rent on your own. You may also be the type who likes having someone else in the house. Whatever the reason, it pays to spend some time finding …

The Right Community Can Make Your Apartment A ‘Home’

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There are many reasons why you may find yourself in the market for a new apartment home. Perhaps a new career opportunity required you to move across country or across the state. Maybe you have experienced a recent change in your lifestyle and are now newly-married, newly-single, or new parents in need of more living space. Or you may just …