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WHY APARTMENT LIVING IS FITTING FOR FALL Gorgeous Loft View at Hidden Ponds Apartments in Pewaukee Your windows are cracked open, the crisp scent of fall air breezes throughout your apartment, and the only things on your agenda are getting chili started in the crockpot, watching football, and enjoying pumpkin flavored everything. Southeastern Wisconsin is the one of the most …

3 Steps to Declutter your Apartment for Spring

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Does the sight of your cluttered closets or disorganized pantry give you the urge to kick back and watch every show on your DVR list, much like Joey and Chandler from Friends? Don’t get overwhelmed, conquer that mess and create an inviting living space with Morgenson’s 3 Steps to Declutter your Apartment for Spring! 1. SET GOALS Winter in South Eastern Wisconsin makes tossing …

7 Things to Look for When Choosing Your Next Apartment

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Are you getting ready to make that leap into your next home? Finding an apartment community can be challenging and time consuming, but if you have an idea of what you are looking for in your new place, it will lighten the load and even be fun. Make a written checklist of what’s important to you and use this list …

What Are the Real Costs of Moving?

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Moving can be a very stressful experience. Moving not only requires a great deal of commitment and organization, it’s also very time-consuming and physically exhausting overall. While it’s true you can save a few extra dollars by packing and moving all your things yourself, hiring professional movers to handle all the extra heavy lifting can help keep you from stressing …

Tips to Help You Survive Your Cross Country Move – Part 2

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Continuing from last month, here are some more tips on making the big move… Get Even More Organized: Make To-Do Lists Executing Your Cross Country Move Though this seems rather simplistic, many people regret not having created a to-do list once their move is done. Moving your life and all of your things is nothing to be taken lightly; there are …

Tips to Help You Survive Your Cross Country Move – Part 1

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Everyone goes through changes in their lives, and one of the biggest shifts that a person will ever see is leaving one’s home and moving to another place. Simply moving from one town to the next can lead to a big readjustment, but when moving cross country, a person’s entire world changes. The biggest concern you’ll likely be facing at …

4 Tips On Downsizing From A House To An Apartment

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There comes a time in many people’s lives when downsizing from a house to an apartment is a consideration. Reasons vary; it may be that the last of a couple’s children have left home and they don’t need as much space anymore. A person or couple may simply desire to have a simpler lifestyle with fewer possessions, or maybe it …

Recently Graduated? Find a Great Place to Call Home

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Graduating from college is an exciting time. You are about to embark on the beginning of a new and important chapter of your life. Using your acquired and tested skills from school to find new and gainful employment can lead to a new level of independence. Whether you lived in the dorms, commuted from home, or rented an apartment with …

How to Repurpose Packing Supplies After Moving

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Once you move into one of our beautiful Waukesha apartments, you probably will not want to move again for quite some time. Here are a few ideas for re-purposing moving supplies to help you clear out the clutter and live a greener life.

It’s May, and college grads are moving on

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For the class of 2013, May brings an end to college life, but an exciting start to new careers and new communities. In just a few weeks post-grads will bolt into new employment opportunities, and actively be looking for new places to call home. When you first get out of college, things can feel a little stressful. After you land …